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No! Aqvano urinals are 100% Odourfree!

Specially designed Aqvalock trap mounted in urinal works with the aid of Aqvalock blocking Gel. This lighter gel allows urine to flow down the drain and keeps itself afloat, blocking all the sewage odours from escaping into the washroom.

Exactly the opposite of this! Urine itself is a sterile liquid in the human body. It reacts in presence of water, providing suitable environment for bacteria to grow on enzyme called urease. Several independent tests from recognized laboratories have shown that pathogen growth in waterless urinals is 97% less than water flushed ones.

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Remove the cover and simply rinse the residues into the sewage system. Replace the cover.

We strongly recommend flushing the system and refilling 250ml of gel after every three months. Signs of immediate flushing and refilling are when urine runs slow or Aqvalock gel appears on the cover.

Not a problem! - there is a funnel hole in the centre of the cover that allows water to flow down and is treated just like urine. Only avoid sudden gush of water.

No, it is very easy! The replacement work takes normally less than one hour per urinal. But before installing Aqvano Urinals please make sure that drain pipe is absolutely clean of calcification caused by water. Aqvano urinals do not cause them as they are waterless!

Aqvano urinals are fixed onto the wall with a special cross mounting system which cannot be handled from outside. That’s why vandalism is almost avoided. Besides fibre reinforced materials (GFP) are almost unbreakable. This material impresses with long lifetime and provides high security against vandalism.

Simply by saving precious drinking water the amortisation rate (ROI) takes no longer than few months. In addition you save on usual service costs for different defects of flushing fittings, sensors, blocked drainage and other unexpected costs in case of water flushed urinals! The cost efficiency of Aqvano urinals starts with the simple installation – no need of piping work and electrical installation in case of a new room or building. This reduces installation, maintenance and service costs substantially.