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Waterlock of the urinal

The patented Aqvalock is mounted at the bottom of the urinal. In the Aqvalock there is AqvaLockgel, that acts as non returnable fluid valve blocking odour - not a single drop of water is used! After every three months, AqvaLock needs to be refilled. Refilling of AqvaLock Gel takes only a few minutes.Cost of refilling is just Rs.375/urinal/quarter.

Cleaning & mainitenance

Like any urinal, Aqvano waterless urinal should be cleaned daily. Cleaning of Aqvano urinal is quick and easy for its unique design without inner edges.No need to use harsh detergents, simply spray Aqvaclean or any Glass cleaner and wipe clean with dispodable cotton towel or cloth.

Aqvalock® change/refill

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1. Open

  • Insert the Aqvano® hook into the elongated cover opening and turn 90°.
  • Remove the cover by lifting upwards and then submerge it in a bucket full of water.
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2. Clean

  • Pull out the plug with the aid of combination pliers. This allows the contents of the odour trap to flow into the drain.
  • Clean away the urine residue with the brush and then rinse away with water from the bucket.

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3. Refillng

  • Use the combination pliers to reinsert the plug pipe until you feel a resistance. You will hear a “click” when the plug locks into place.
  • Fill the odour trap with water until itover flows the top edge of plug.
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4. Close

  • Replace the cover.
  • Pour new Aqvalock® Gel directly over the cover.